Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baffled in B&W

"I have included a certain amount of filth to please the gentlemen of the press. They have proved ungrateful." (Charles Beaudelaire)

I've been delighted to illustrate magazines art directed by Patrick JB Flynn since Spring, 1989, when he was at "The Progressive." I can pinpoint the time because my first job for him had the then-recent death of Abbie Hoffman as its topic. Patrick remained at "The Progressive" until 1999, after which

moved on to "Rethinking Schools," a liberal-left education magazine, taking with him many of us who'd worked for him at "The Progressive."

(I'm hesitant to attempt to list the graphic artists who have worked for Patrick over the decades because there is a wealth of top tier talent, I'm certain to miss some. But the list includes: Frances Jetter, Sue Coe, Randy Enos, Steve Brodner, David McLimans, Katherine Streeter, Mark Fisher, Alain Pilon, Richard Downs, Heinrik Drescher, Rob Dunlavey, Jordin Isip, Stephen Kroninger, Melinda Beck, Peter Kuper, Scott Menchin, Michael Duffy, Joe Ciardiello. My apologies to those I've foolishly omitted!)

Now Patrick is at The MIT Press' "The Baffler," as of issue #19, landing the job on the recommendation of the aforementioned Steve Brodner.

What to call "The Baffler"? Technically, it's a magazine, with articles, poems, fiction and self-described salvos. But it more closely resembles a hefty trade paperback, almost 7" x 10," with half-inch thick square binding, and heavy cover stock. Notably, there is no price code! Huzzah! The few ads are aimed at eggheads: "Book Forum," "Granta," Harvard Bookstore, "Daedalus." The writers for this issue include Thomas Frank, Barbara Ehrenreich and James K Galbraith.

Much more info can be found at their Wiki entry here, and their site here.

My first graphic for "The Baffler" is at the top, for the article, "Disposable Hip," by G Beato. I'm happy to be aboard the ship! Thank you, Patrick, for this and all the jobs and artistic freedom since my halcyon Park Slope days! It's been a time!

PS: I'm going to take this opportunity to direct your attention to another PJBF art direction project: "Solo 3" (Mutable, 2003), a three CD collection of music by Roscoe Mitchell, the avant-jazz reed player. Recommended - for sound and visuals! Roscoe's Wiki entry can be found here.