Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colors & Forms: Series 22

Further adventures in geometry, something I flunked as a teen - and still would today.

These are inspired by the logo for Square Stamping Manufacturing Company in Barneveld, NY. The first image is a pretty direct nick, basically just color changes. The rest are extrapolations from the previous.

When I saw the sign I thought, "That's modern art. On canvas in a gallery or a museum it's minimalism a la Ellsworth Kelly or Sol LeWitt."

The company's original building next door has a sign with old-timey lettering that looks like something that could've been done by cartoonists Robert Armstrong or R Crumb.

BTW, besides Kelly and LeWitt, some of the artists who influence me are Richard Paul Lohse, Stuart Davis, Paul Klee, Auguste Herbin, Joan Miro and the Pop artists, especially Andy Warhol. All are constant sources of inspiration, along with many others.